Warewash & Laundry

Warewash and Laundry Programs

Achieving Superior Standards

Spot-free wares and crisp, clean laundry make all the difference. Work with our team of experts at Bermuda Janitorial Supply to develop a customized program that will set your business up for success and launch it ahead of the competition.

Our services save you time and money while incorporating best practices and ensuring your team stays up-to-date with industry standards.


Our warewashing programs are customized for your business’ specific needs.

How It Works

We’ll begin with an audit to review current practices as well as cleaning solution and chemical usage. We’ll use these results to create a customized plan that incorporates best practices, reduces waste and increases efficiency.


From hospitality to food service, clean linens are a must. Let us create a customized program to help you achieve superior standards.

How It Works

We’ll start with an audit to determine current system efficiencies, including rewash rates. Then, we’ll create a customized plan that utilizes our specialized products in order to minimize rewash rates, conserve resources and extend the life of each linen.

We’re Here For You

Our team specializes in your success.

  • We’re always on call, providing fast service and solutions.
  • Product availability is always top of mind, and we always stock the products you need.
  • Monthly check-ins monitor product levels and ensure industry standards are met.
  • Facility assessments help reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • We provide employee training to set your team up for success, increasing retention and helping you keep costs low.

Learn More

Interested in learning how our services can help your facility save time, resources and money? Reach out to us. We’ll listen to your needs and work with you to create a winning solution, whether it’s a one-time fix or an ongoing, comprehensive strategy.