Sheila Shine Low VOC Cleaner/Polish – 10oz


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SHEILA SHINE Low VOC Aerosol stainless steel polish and surface preservative provides outstanding results on all of your commercial, industrial, automotive and marine needs. Our Low VOC Aerosol is a solvent-based formulation providing the same effective cleaning & polishing performance as our original formula. Authorized for sale in the State of California, Sheila Shine Low VOC meets the strictest government regulations for Low VOC compliance. For over 50 years, cleaning professionals choose SHEILA SHINE in hospitals, shopping malls, airports, hotels, kitchens, etc. SHEILA SHINE’s unique formula also leaves a clean and polished look on chrome, aluminum and brass. In one easy wipe, SHEILA SHINE’s powerful solvent based formula, cuts through grease and grime, leaving a polished and protected surface that actually eliminates streaking, prevents liquid penetration and resists finger marks.  Regular use of SHEILA SHINE will keep a high gloss appearance on your surfaces indefinitely

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