ECOS Pro Handsoap Lavender, 17oz


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Keep patrons’ hands clean and instantly increase your facility’s sanitation measures with this ECOS Pro 17 oz. lavender scented hand soap with pump. This hand soap is ideal for just about any environment, such as schools, offices, hotels, casinos, hospitals, and public restrooms. Its hypoallergenic formula, infused with vitamin E and antioxidants, is safe for frequent use on hands. Plus, its pleasant lavender scent leaves skin smelling fresh.

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, this environmentally friendly hand soap does not contain any added dyes. Additionally, it is grey-water and septic-safe. It comes in a convenient 17 oz. bottle that is small enough to be placed on bathroom countertops or the edge of sinks. The soap is dispensed with an easy-to-use pump.

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