“Charles” Wet Dry Vacuum – CVC 370

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The CVC 370 Charles is an exceptional wet and dry cleaner that is totally without compromise – be it dust, dirt, spills, or unblocking sinks. Charles is the perfect machine for schools, automotive, and overall facility management. It comes with A21 standard kit.

  • Powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor with 2-year warranty providing excellent dry soil or water recovery.
  • Motor provides 100″ water lift and 95 CFM of airflow.
  • Excellent 0.5-micron filtration at 98.6 % efficiency for improved Indoor Air Quality with or without bags
  • Wet or dry operation in a compact, powerful unit
  • Handy carrying handle for dumping.
  • Ball float wet shut-off assembly ensures water does not reach the motor.
  • Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility

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