BG10 – Deep Cleaning Machine

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Whether you’re looking for a powerful little machine to clean your home carpets, or a tough little carpet extractor for small jobs around the office space, the Bissell Big Green is the right tool for the job! A small, but generously-sized, solution tank (1.75 gallons) gives you just the right amount of water for cleaning hallways, dining rooms, meeting rooms, or bedrooms. The unique design in the two ‘DirtLifter’ brushes on the front end effectively agitate your carpet fibers to set them loose to be suctioned up. The two brushes will allow the machine to clean carpets in both forward and reverse. At only 42 pounds the Big Green carpet extractor is easy to tote around, fill up, and dump out – plus it’s easy to store in a typical hall or janitorial closet when not in use.

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